Monday, February 1, 2016

Must Go

When the leftovers have outstayed their welcome on the shelf
It's time for someone to take action, possibly yourself
Eat it up quickly, surely you should know
Before the food goes bad, it “Must Go”
Do it before you have anything new
Or the food will look gross, and smell awful too
Then you'll have wasted the food that you bought
Better to think wisely, and act with that thought

It's time to have a “Must Go” meal tonight
Down to your stomach, out of mind, out of sight
That wasn't so bad, and what a great taste
The food that had sat there, didn't go to waste

Check the expiration date, in case it “Must Go”
Eat it for supper, before the mold starts to show
Don't fill up your garbage with food that's gone bad
Have a “Must Go” meal, that's what I just had

Look through your refrigerator, see what is there
Look closely at what is wrapped everywhere
If you see something that needs attention, you'll know
It's time to have a supper, with another “Must Go”

©Dec 28, 2015 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
We always called them leftovers, but recently I've heard
people calling them “Must Go.” I decided it would make
a great poem. We all have thrown out food that could have
been saved if only we remembered and noticed it was there.
Sometimes I think we spend more money than we need to,
and there is always something that “Must Go.” So go look
over your refrigerator and see if there is something that
“Must Go” tonight.

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