Monday, February 1, 2016

Into My Father’s Eyes

I remember looking up to see
My Daddy’s eyes looking down at me
Standing 10 foot tall, with his head in the trees
It was so hard to see the giant looking back at me
Kneeling down to inspect my knees
With his concerned eyes looking across to me
Wiping my tears and dusting me off
I was happy to see his blue eyes smiling back at me

As I grew the eyes looking down to me
Seemed closer and easier to see
The love and tenderness that watched over me
With his head no longer as high as the tree

Many times he held my hand
As we walked about our pasture land
Our topics were from A to Z
Or a simple song we would sing

As a teen we all know
We want to shake that tree from head to toe
In those loving eyes today, I see
Teary eyes now looking back to me.

No longer does Dad look down at me
Now his blue eyes are looking up to see
My loving eyes looking right back at his
Now that I have grown tall, that is

With a smile and a shake of his head
Where has time flown is said
My how you’ve grown I am pleased to say
You are a beautiful woman standing here today.

Daddy you will always be
The loving eyes looking back at me
Gave me strength to carry on
Gave me love to face each new dawn.

Now time has passed and so shall I
Praying as I look to heavens above
I see Dad’s loving blue eyes looking down to me
His out stretched hand from above still guiding me.

I thank you each and every day
I am honored to say
I love you Daddy
Forever and always!

©Jan 04, 2016 Kay Roy Jones

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