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The Adventures of Ollie-Dare - Chapter 10

OLLIE-DARE Shares Memories

The winter's snows had covered the Great Forest with a glistening beauty, and the cold winds caused the tall trees to bend to and fro. Ollie-Dare watched from his window that he and Jimmy had carved into the cave wall last spring. He had been reading one of his many books, and stopped to admire the beauty within the forest walls.

Ollie-Dare liked the winter snows, but he had become restless the last few days. He hadn't seen his friends for awhile now, for even Jimmy the Rabbit hadn't been by. Ollie-Dare missed the laughing and conversations that he often got into with his friends, and this winter had been especially cold. He thought of the times when as a young cub, his parents had sat with him in the warmth of the fire, and they often read aloud to him the stories from the books. Ollie-Dare's parents loved books also, and often he would find one of them deep in a book, and he would smile, for he knew that even if he spoke, his words would not be heard.

Things had changed over the years here in the Great Forest. For the elders no longer held meetings, and Ollie-Dare missed their wisdom, and guidance. He would often visit his parents and the elders, and would always find they had wonderful stories to tell.

Ollie-Dare was deep in thought when a familiar image came hopping over the snow-covered hills. Jimmy the Rabbit was coming to visit, so Ollie-Dare put on some fresh tea, and set out a plate of Jimmy's favorite cookies. Nibbles the Squirrell always baked enough goodies for everyone to store for the winter, and Blossom the Possum always planted and gave vegetables from her garden for hot soups. Ollie-Dare once again thought of his forest and its creatures and gave thanks that he had been so blessed with good friends.

Jimmy soon arrived, and over tea, began to tell Ollie-Dare of forest news. It seems that Banjo the Fox had came down with a cold and Jimmy had taken him some hot carrot soup, and Ace the Coon had been out and about, and would stop in soon. Beaver Joe and his Family hadn't been seen since the river had frozen over, and Wood Chuck the logger always went to warmer grounds for awhile. Shatty the ground Hog hadn't peeped from his hole since the first snowflake, and Nibbles and Blossom would peek out and say hello then quickly go back in to the warmth of their homes.

Jimmy was the only one that got out and about during the heavy snows, and he usually made his way around to see that all was well, and the forest seemed to be doing good and all faring well. Ollie-Dare was pleased to see his friend, and hear that all was good within the forest walls. They sat and spoke of all their friends they had met this past summer, and recounted the days of Jimmy's first trip beyond the forest walls, when Samual had taken him for a ride. They spoke of Max the River Boat Pilot, and hoped that they would see him again soon. Soon the time came for Jimmy to go, and Ollie-Dare wished his friend well, and Jimmy promised to return again very soon to visit.

As Ollie-Dare watched his friend disappear over the hill, he gave thanks that all was well here, and that his friend Jimmy the Rabbit could get around so easily in the winter and keep him informed. Ollie-Dare loved his forest, and worried about all that lived within it. But Ollie-Dare had been lucky, and all his friends seemed to do well, and all the forest creatures were safe and snug. He worried about Banjos' cold, but knew that Jimmy would keep check on him. For those that lived within the forest looked out for each other, and everyone cared about the forest and those that lived there.
Ollie-Dare wondered if that was so everywhere, or if he had just been lucky. He wasn't sure how the world beyond the forest lived, and worked. He had taken adventures beyond the walls, and was always amazed how things would change once he left his forest. Ollie-Dare began to write as he thought, and soon he had pages of questions, and ideas.

Yes, the spring season would soon be here, and there was much he would need to do. And one thing Ollie-Dare would do this year he thought to himself, is go beyond the forest walls again. He had made some notes of things he would like to learn, and started planning new Adventures. For if there was something Ollie-Dare loved more than books, it was new Adventures to discover new things, and meet new people. Ollie-Dare wasn't sure what new adventures he would embark upon, but he knew that for him to care for those around him and his forest, he must always seek new ideas, and new trails.

As for now, Ollie-Dare would settle in and enjoy his books, and the beauty of the snows that covered the forest, but soon he would once again seek out new adventures!

©2002 Rebecca Morris
Next month: Ollie-Dare Visits Parents

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