Monday, February 1, 2016


Take a retrospective
Of every day you live
See how far life's taken you
Think of all the people you knew
Friends and lovers, they come and go
But aren't you happy, that you came to know
People close, have touched you the most
Passing into spirit, they've become a ghost
Gone from the physical, yet in spirit they are near
They watch your journey, as you travel here

A retrospective of all that you've learned
A lifetime achievement that is well earned
For all the bumps that were in the road
There was always some help to carry that load
Friends along life's highway, had come along
To guide you right, and shared their life's song

In photos, in journals, or even in a poem
A retrospective of all places, that I have called home
Are shown in everything that I do
The love I share openly with you
A retrospective of my life here on Earth
The years that taught me, beginning with my birth
©Jan 25, 2016 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
When we look back on where we started and where we
are now, so many things have changed, especially you.
You have grown in so many ways, and changed with the
changes. If your “Present” Me would meet up with your
“Past” me, you'd hardly know it was you. Age and life
does that to a person. A retrospective is a look back on
all you've done and the changes along the way.

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