Monday, February 1, 2016

Thank you, Dr. Dyer

      A month before Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed, he was in a dream I had one evening. In the dream we were having a conversation, and from what I can recall, it was as if he was giving me advice, about my work. He was speaking and also sharing advice, about not giving up, at any time, no matter how difficult it can be at times.

      I also recall the conversation, was very pleasant. One that two colleagues would be speaking of their experiences of their work over the years. The final feeling was that I could speak to him at any time, if I needed advice.

      And I woke up that morning, saying why would he visit me in a dream? I mean how that could have even happened in the first place. Some friends said it was as if your souls knew each other, and you were speaking Soul to Soul. I thought but surely why his soul would want to speak to my soul?

      Sunday, August 30th, was a calm day. My husband and I drove up to Kittery, Maine, to the Rockport Shoe outlet store. They had a fantastic sale and he was able to get a great pair of shoes, at a fantastic bargain. We stopped at a few more stores, along the road, and then decided to take the back roads home. The sun began to set, and I noticed the interesting way, the sun rays were shining their light through the clouds.

      I wanted to take some pictures, but we were going too fast, to get a good picture. So I gave up and eventually we traveled back to the highway. I noticed the sky again, and how the light was shining through. I took some pictures and thought they were pretty cool. One looked like a guy wearing a hat and being a bit silly, I thought to myself. “Oh maybe it’s God, wearing a hat today.”

      Within 20 minutes, we arrived to our home. I was on a call with some friends, and as we were speaking, I was checking out Facebook. I saw a post, on my feed page, which said Dr Wayne Dyer had passed on Saturday Night. I saw this and thought is this really true? The others on my call were able to confirm that he had passed. We were all very much in shock over this news. We were all relaying stories of Dr Dyer for a few minutes, then we said our goodbyes, a few minutes later.

      I had a feeling I needed to go back to the pictures, I had taken earlier, on my iPhone. So I went back and checked out the pictures, I had taken earlier. As I was looking at the pictures, I saw the man with a hat in the picture was Dr. Wayne Dyer!! Or maybe a likeness of to him, because of the hat and the way the eyes were and the shape of the head. Then I received the message, in a very subtle way.

       “I am always here, and I am doing well”

       “I am free.”

       “I am free to help those I may not had been able to work with before.”

       “I can work with many now at any time.”

       And then days later, I saw others were getting the same messages

      “I am here and I will help you when you ask, you just have to ask for help or guidance.”

      Here is the picture that I took hours, before I realized, Dr. Dyer had passed.

      If you look almost mid line of where the trees and sky come together, with the light showing, you can the likeness of Dr. Wayne Dyer. As the week progressed, I was able to see other spirits in the picture, and some symbols, a heart and a star, and also two angels above his hat in mid picture. I feel this was a true gift from Dr. Wayne Dyer, for me to share with the world. He is still among us, and he really wants to help us too. As others have pointed out, “He is off on his next adventure.” I believe that to be so true.

      I have been trying to recall when I first heard about Dr Wayne Dyer. I think it was late 80’s, early 90’s. I had his paperback book Your Erroneous Zones, and read it in the early 90’s. I liked the book, but I am not sure I really understood what he had written about.

      In the fall of 2002, I had just finished watching his lecture on PBS, and started to reread his first book Your Erroneous Zones. I decided I wanted to purchase a few other of his books over the year and also purchased, his CD, 101 Ways to transform your life. I listened to this cassette tape on morning, noon and night, as I was cleaning and cooking or folding the laundry at times. The cassette had 101 quotes of what spirituality is for us. This cd helped me to understand the difference between spirituality and religion. To be honest, it took me quite a while to truly understand the words, he was sharing with us. It was so calming for me and helped me to understand who God is and how he can assist us and also how much he truly loves us too. I was learning about how we are spiritual and physical beings at the same time. It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

      In 2004, I had the opportunity to go to Boston, to the Empire Theatre on Tremont Street, to see Wayne Dyer, perform his lecture for a PBS show, The Power of Intention, which was to be published by Hay House, the spring of 2005. I was in line, waiting to go, in to the theatre, Dr Dyer, was passing us and saying hello to us, as he was walking down the sidewalk.

      From 2005 untill the spring of 2007, I continued reading his books, and continued to purchase his CDs and listen to his lectures on PBS. That winter of 2007, I found out he was going to be in Boston, for a weekend Seminar, in April of that year. I bought a ticket for the weekend seminar. The name of the weekend was The Morning and the Afternoon of your life. He spoke of how the morning of your life is in your 20’s and 30’s, possibly going into your 40’s and The Afternoon of your life from your mid 40’s to your 60’s and beyond. It was a wonderful weekend. I had this idea that I wanted to write Dr Dyer a letter, to thank him for the weekend of possibilities, presented to us. I was able to get his address and I sent him a letter to his place in Maui. A few months later, a package came in the mail for me, from Dr Dyer. He sent me a card with a short note and two cds, some note cards and few other goodies…. I was quite thrilled to say that he took the time at least, to send this package and to let me receive a personal note from him too.

      His message on the front of the card with a large oak tree on the front part of the card "There is an ancient simple truth that the mighty oak was once a little nu that held its ground. We’re all a mighty oak in the making and it’s all right to be a little nutty as long as we hold our ground.” Dr. Wayne Dyer.

      I thought it was a perfect description for what I was going through: searching for answers but also in line with my life’s work as a preschool teacher at the time. The acorns and tree reminded me of the song, “I am a little acorn nut” I use to teach my preschoolers every Fall. On the inside of the card, he wrote, Peg-
I so enjoyed your deeply honest letter- Stay connected to Your Source- You are Divinity Itself.
Wayne Dyer.

      I was a giddy school girl for weeks and thrilled he had responded back to me.

      And so the years continued and I continued to work as a teacher and case manager. I also started my work with angels and enrolled in my coach certification class and then persuing my writing and mentoring and teaching. I read his book Wishes Fulfilled and would listen to his show on Hay House Radio occasionally.

      In the Fall of 2014, I was listening to his show, and I had the opportunity to speak to him for a few minutes. It was a wonderful conversation, about children, as he was writing his last book, and a few other things and then he said “Well I could talk to you all day, but I better go.”
I said, Thank you for the conversation and have a nice day. After the conversation, I was thinking, it would be wonderful to speak some more, sometime.

      And I guess I can speak to him anytime I am able or need to.

      You can speak to him too, because he really wants to help all that he can.

      Two weeks after I had spoken to Dr Dyer on his show, he sent me his newest book, written by his Daughter Serena and Dr. Dyer together. Don’t Die With Your Music still in You.

      I so resonate with that title, because I feel this is what we are all called to do in our own way. No matter what your skills are or abilities are, we need to be empowered to be in a place of doing this for ourselves and for others. Because as Dr. Dyer says “The only true emotion is Love.” The rest comes from ego. And you all know what you do with the committee in the head, i.e. ego. You fire that committee.

      Don’t forget to look at the sky, you never know who may be stopping by.

      It could be an angel, or a symbol that may have some meaning for you, on this day

      When looking for a sign or some validation, sometimes you can receive this by looking up at the sky. ©October 2015 Peg Jones

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