Monday, February 1, 2016

Ships That Pass By My Window

Out my window, on the water is the Joseph L. Block
I see those ships coming in, around the clock
The Wilfred Sykes comes and goes a lot too
Every now and then, I see one I never knew
There's two ships named Tregurtha, the Paul and the Lee
And the Arthur M. Anderson, is another one to see
The Burns Harbor, and the Cason J. Callaway
Can be expected here, on almost any day

What is that ship? Oh it's the H. Lee White
I see it moving to dock, oh what a sight
Here comes the Hon. James L. Oberstar
Shining in the sunlight, it must have come far

I never know what ship I'll see when I awake
I grab my camera, to see what's on the lake
Here it comes, the Mesabi Miner
From the 15th floor, nothing could be finer

If I can't see the name of the ship that I see
Dave has strong binoculars, so he'll tell me
It's enjoyable to see those ships come and go
When you're by the water, it's a Great Lakes Ship Show
Ships that pass by, carrying Iron ore
What a great view, I couldn't ask for more
©Jan 18, 2016 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
There are many more ships that pass by, those
are just a few. Back as a kid we called
them Ore Boats and they carried Ore and unloaded
them and made the big Ore piles. They would be
all over the Train Tracks too. I love watching the Ships
come in and look out my window to see them.

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