Monday, February 1, 2016

On Trek

Time Machine

My mind is my own personal time machine…
I can travel anywhere I have been or even haven’t seen.

I can make up travels in or out of the planet
A wild ride, not to take for granted…

For in reality, I can create my own
With friends and family, or all alone.

If I go back in time what can I learn?
There are things I might even yearn!

There are no limits to my mind,
whether in the present or ahead of time,

It is my head, my thoughts my dreams
I keep them pleasant, and positive with no extremes.

I visualize all I want to be,
and there it is happening for me.

So use your time machine, , because the universe sees,
And all your dreams can become realities.

©2016 Judith Kroll

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