Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Autumn Bulbs

In early autumn
Aided by a young friend
I planted spider lily bulbs
By the corner of my church.

He labored with a pickaxe
To dig the hole, coping
With some scattered chunks
Of concrete from an old repair
Once the hole was there
I knelt carefully
To place the bulbs inside,
Spaced apart for room to grow.

Three weeks later
And still no leaves appear
On these flowers that photosynthesize
In wintertime to bloom next year.

I don’t despair; gardening
Of all pursuits takes a maximum
Of patience, waiting, trust,
Remembrance of what’s been before.

I know they’ll sprout in time,
Greet the morning sun,
Regenerate their roots
Beneath the crusty soil,

And come September rains
Send beauty skyward,
Looking like a miracle,
But looking more like hope.

©2016 John I. Blair, 11/1/2016

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