Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Reflections on the Day

A couple of evening reflections

      Reflecting this day on the power of words; both written and oral. My Sister gifted me with an incredible compliment on Facebook. In one fell swoop she brought tears to my eyes and my heart to its fullness. With a few gracious gathering of words she enabled me to realize just how wonderful this journey is and how much I value her.

      Often we see the beauty in others or the kindness of their actions yet rarely step up and communicate our gratitude. A few kind words, spoken or written, have an incredible effect on the recipient. It strengthens them and gives them the courage to carry on. Never let the idea of ‘I should have said something.’ or ‘I really should tell them how much I appreciate them.’ be a constant in your life.

      The other day I received a note in the mail; yes ‘snail mail’, from a Friend I have yet to meet in person. It was on nice stationary and hand written. Here is what I envisioned. They had to purchase the stationary, to think of me, take the time to put thoughts to pen, purchase a stamp, and go somewhere to mail it. As much as the words inspired me the process was the true treasure and measure of this person. So take the time to comment when you are moved, compliment freely, and don’t restrict it to those that you know. The next time you notice something about a stranger that you like …. Say it…. Hell… maybe go out and buy some stationary. Be mindful, pay attention, and you will be amazed.

      Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. With a very humble bow of gratitude to my Sister.

      It was a dark and stormy night. HA!!!, always wanted to write that. It was truly a wet and rainy night, with deep orange and red leaves playing tag as they dance and roll down the street. Winds blowing so hard it moved my car over half a lane. I had to get three different folks home from the hospital tonight. I admit it was stressful, not the best conditions to be driving in. But you see with kidney disease you don’t get to choose the weather, doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, or if a day is a holiday. It is a hard task master. Yet what I have discovered is the genuine gratitude these people have for something so simple as a ride home. This always fills me with warmth, fills up my compassion meter, and delivers me to a happy place. With this swell of feeling, I can so easily shed my challenges of the day and prepare to rest easy. It is during this time when I am so full that I would like to share it with all, so that you can shed the toil of the day and go ever so peaceful into the night.

      Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.

      Driving home this evening in a light fog that revealed the night in a mysterious costume. I slow my pace along country roads, winding towards my sanctuary, with the odd street lamp separating the darkness with an off yellow light. A veritable joy to behold such a mystery flowing before me in wonderment I cannot describe. This time generates an emotion that mere words cannot define nor could it be exactly shared. It seems that when we stop looking into the mirror and turn the mirror around we allow the world to reflect upon itself. We see the bountiful beauty before us. We take the time to be in the moment simply receiving the energy, all else is forgotten, as my soul prepares for rest. Pay heed my companions, with reverence, greet this restorative time with a quiet mind and a quiet heart.

      Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. Humble bow,

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