Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Color Of Life's Music

Music is to your ears, what color is to your eyes
It can be your lows, it can be your highs
It can make you happy, it can make you sad
It can turn you off, or even make you mad

 Colors have different meanings, to those who take in the view
Sometimes it's the combination, the brightness, or the hue
It can be the sun, shining down on the Earth
Or it can be a miracle, of a woman giving birth

It can be a smile, a stranger gives to you
Making you feel in your heart, so brand new
It can be a friend, taking time to find out how you are
Or it can be a twinkling, of the brightest shining star

Music can be a calming cool, or a burning fire
Bringing you to a relaxing state, or sets off your deepest desire
Music can be, a rainbow of all colors there
It can the greatest love, in everything we share

Music can be any color, that you wish it to be
I know for one thing, it sure is beautiful to me
It is the brightest colors, that I've ever seen
Taking in the music and colors, as I walk in between
©Feb 4, 2003 Bud Lemire
                     Author Note:
Music can touch your heart just like the beauty of the
colors that we see on a beautiful sunny day. All the
colors just flying past you as you feel each and every
one of them. A Rainbow of colors in the greats of all
Symphonies. So very magical to take it all in.

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