Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Making The Difference

How many times have you awakened on your bed
Wondering what difference you made, if you were dead
What would they say
If they found you this way
Would you make a difference, to people you know
Would the presence you made, help others to grow
The kindness you gave, would it be passed around
While your body would lay buried, in the underground

Would the time you shared, be in their memory
To give them strength, upon their life's journey
Or would it be forgotten, as time moved along
Like an out of print record, no more on that song

I'd like to think each life, is valued by those
Whose spirits intermingle, while the soul grows
Whether happiness found, or lost in pain
So much from life, is what we gain

Sharing a life, brief as it may be
Teaches us more, than any eye can see
We learn about life, and the roles we play
When we should go, or when we should stay

The difference you make, could change someone you know
Making someone feel better, by words you let flow
The next time you wonder
Let there be thunder
Let the rain pour
Yet never ignore
What your life is for
Touch the many, and touching more
©April 10, 2006 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
Your life touches us so much more than
you'll ever realize. You do make a difference
every day of your life, as it touches others in
an amazing way. Remember this always.

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