Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Growing Old

Growing old isn't the easiest thing
We worry about health and what it will bring
As our bodies age, our health starts to fail
The pain we endure, is like a hammer on nail
It's harder to endure what we once did
Let's face it, we're no longer a kid
Muscles are aching, arthritis sets in
It's a fighting battle, that we'll never win

We must cherish each moment, without the pain
Smile when the sun shines, get through the rain
Walk a little slower, look all around
Be careful we don't find ourselves, on the ground

We must see the Doctor more often, for check ups each year
Wait for the results, to see what will appear
It's always better, when the results are okay
It's like an apple a day, keeps the Doctor away

Sometimes our health, has to do with our heart
It just doesn't beat right, and we're falling apart
Our heart is important, it helps us to live
With the heart of our soul, we learn to give

So much can hurt us as we're growing old
But love will keep us, from getting so cold
Everyone we know, at sometime will grow older too
It something us humans, always have to go through
©June 25, 2012 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Every day we get older. It's just something that happens.
But it is just a number, for inside, our soul, remains so very
young. For it's our body that withers in time.

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