Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Lost My Marbles

The day I lost my marbles, I remember it well
I will share the memories, in these words that I will tell
I had my half sizer out, ready to take a shot
To make it in the hole, but I missed a lot
I knelt down, to try to shoot again
I shot, and I saw the smile upon my friend
My half sizer went in , the hole that was so deep
All that was in that hole, was all mine to keep
I felt so dirty, yet I felt so happy too
Until my friend took out a full sizer, that was colored blue
I knew this would be a challenge, if I only I could beat
I would try my very best, not to give in to defeat

My friend's luck was changing, and I was losing
The movement of the fingers, can be pretty amusing
You have to know the right angles, to make it work out right
With the right amount of power, with the hole in sight
For some reason, I had trouble with my aim
I knew it wouldn't be long, until I lost the game

We took turns flicking our fingers, and mine almost went in
I was lucky yesterday, but today I wasn't going to win
I need all my best peeries, and then I knew
I'd have to use my boulders, and my steelies too
I took one final shot, and aimed it at the hole
Watching it carefully, to see where it would roll

I had fun playing, as I looked at my empty can
That day I lost my marbles, I took it like a man
As I sat there on the ground, in the old schoolyard
I realized life would be easy, and life would be hard
All we can do, is to try our best in everything we do
Sometimes we will miss, and sometimes our aim is true
     ©2002 Bud Lemire
               Author Note:
My friend Mike Derusha comes to mind when I think of
playing Marbles at the Washington Schoolyard. Although
I played marbles with many, my memory remembers him
the most when we had played. It was fun time to play, and
I remember those times with a smile on my face.

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