Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On Trek

The Sun

The sun quietly beams to earth rays of warmth everyday.
It puts the gleam in the streams, the perk in the flowers and trees.
Children jump and play in the rays of the sun, the animals roll, relax and enjoy the light of love.

When we don't have sun our spirits fall, only for a little while
As the sun is forever, casting it's image on all the earth, shadows and shade pops into visible mode. A welcome

The morning sun rises and helps us stretch and yawn, opening the dawn. Starts our day, eyes open- birds sing -flowers shed their blankets of petals to the invisible healing of the universal light.

Thankful we are for the sunshine, balm of the Universe
A sunset on the horizon-prisms of eternal light fan the expanse and dazzle all who would notice.
A sparkle, a twinkle, a splash here and there of all the beauty of the day..gathered in a bring tranquility to all. Thank you Sun.
© Dec. 2016 Judith Kroll

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