Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good In Every Day

I look for something good in every day
And cherish what I find in every way
For there is good, before the day is done
Sometimes in each moment, sometimes in the sun
Sometimes we must make it good
Because nobody else would or could
It's all inside, search your mind
Be positive with all you find

The state you're in, is the key
Of what kind of day, it will be
Sometimes it can be almost anything
Maybe a song, and the way they sing

It could be a compliment said to you
Or something you've waited for, that came through
Whatever it is, you will know
And it makes for a happy soul

Change your mind, think positive
Find the good in each day you live
I cherish what I find in every way
Because I look for good in every day
©April 23, 2013 Bud Lemire
                          Author Note:
If you look, you can find good in every
day. The sun, the birds, a friend, a song,
a book, events, a letter, a comment, TV,
and so much more.

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