Thursday, June 1, 2017

Nagelkirk's Fruit Market

I remember as a kid, a place where we'd stop
After stopping at Holiday, for our pop
We'd stop at Nagelkirk's Fruit Market, for my favorite fruit
After picking out the best one, we would scoot

 We'd head over to Pioneer Trail Park, for our picnic there
This is a memory, that I wanted to share
There were many fruits to choose from
There was a favorite fruit for everyone

Strawberries from the Copper Country, were found
Apples for Ninety Nine cents a pound
Nectarines and peaches too
Some berries that were juicy and blue

Cantaloupes that were as sweet as could be
These fruits wander around in my memory
That little fruit market on North Lincoln Road
Is what inspired me to write this ode

Although watermelon was the only thing on my mind
There were many other fruits you would find
Nagelkirk's is a great place, in Escanaba's history
It will always be a fruity place, in my memory
©May 29, 2017 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
Nagelkirk's Fruit Market has been popping up in my
memory lately. I figured I'd jump at the chance to
write a poem about it. At the same time, it would
be interesting to hear what your memories of it
would be. Which reminds me, next time I am at
the store, I need to pick up a watermelon.

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