Thursday, June 1, 2017

On Trek

We can change the world!! Just by our thinking!!
I have watched the stock market and it amazes me how when everyone is up and happy, the stock market goes up and happy :)
    When everyone is fearful and afraid, the stock market goes down, like it is fearful and afraid.
    When the sun is out people are out and about and wear a smile
    When it is gloomy, the people are gloomy.
    Somehow there is a connection here. You cannot sing, Singing in the rain, while weeping. It is a no go. Even our pets, if we are sick or unhappy, or even in a bad mood, they tend to be more depressed. When we are acting happy alive and well, they are too.
How can we connect the dots?
The world is incapable of change because it is an EFFECT. However if we all change our thoughts about the world, then we are changing the CAUSE. We change the cause, the EFFECT will change automatically. We are Image makers. We cannot be saved from the world, but we can escape from it's we think about it. As was said by Ghandi.."Be the change you want to see in the world."

What is the purpose for us of a flower? It brings us joy. We fill our yard with flowers, we smile every morning evening and night. It is a given.

We feed the birds, and watch them, they bring us joy. We fill our life with the singing birds, and every day we smile.

If we look at the world thru eyes of love instead of fear, and enough people do it, we can change the world... Mass consciousness.

Everyone won't do it all at once, but if enough people will, it will tilt the scales the other way..the way of love. Love casts fear outside.

If we are fearful of a dark room, we turn on a light. We are light, we need to keep sharing the light thoughts and putting light back into the hearts of our brothers and sisters around the world., so we can all become beacons of joy and love.

If you smile, you cannot frown. If you smile and others see you, they will smile back. It is a given.

So each of us can change the world within us, by being the image makers..Conjure up a picture of goodness and love, and kindness.. And watch hate and fear disappear.

I see the scales tilting now in favor of love. Will you join me in projecting our love instead of our fear?

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