Thursday, June 1, 2017

Universal Blessings

As you journey through your life, there are many lessons
They'll take a lot out of you, but they'll be Universal Blessings
Sometimes thoughts will come, as you gaze at the moon
Will the love of your life, be finding you soon
So many questions, and still we wonder why
Why the ones we love, always have to die
There will always be the unknown, wherever we go
Things that are unseen, but they will help us grow

At the time we think, oh what a curse
And think that things, couldn't get any worse
In the end, we'll understand the lessons
And recognize them as Universal Blessings

Beware of what you ask for
Because you'll receive even more
The Universe knows your very needs
So watch what you plant, careful what seeds

Go on your journey, remember you're not alone
Watch for every sign, be aware of what is shown
Remember you're here to learn the lessons
In the end, you'll receive Universal Blessings
©Nov 12, 2006 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Those Universal Blessings come to us all.
We must be alert and watch for them, and
embrace them and grow from them.

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