Thursday, June 1, 2017

Through The Eyes of A Senior Companion

Through the eyes of the Senior Companion, I've seen it all
The reason for each, and why they answered the call
What makes each of them special, and how do I know
I watch what is said, and I watch what they show 
I imagined myself, I put myself in their shoes
I watched each of them, with the time that they use
Each one is special, in their own way
With their own unique style, they use every day

Nobody does it, quite the same
In fact, each have their own favorite game
Each have, their own style
Some will laugh, some will smile

Helping is their job, in their own way
Their personality with each, is what makes their day
Nobody can be like another, unique is to be us
But these are some people, that you can trust

Deep inside, you will come to know
These volunteers, with a special soul
Every day, they give their all
They throw the dice, they catch the ball

When you wonder, when the day will be done
They bring along, their own style of fun
I applaud the Senior Companions, every day
I celebrate everything about them, in every way
©May 23, 2017 Bud Lemire
Author Note:
Just this year I became a Senior Companion, and I've
met so many wonderful Senior Companions that I work
with. We aren't working alone, we work as a team to
make those who struggle, make it through their days,
brighter with cheerfulness and fun. Each Senior
Companion I work with, has their own style of helping.
And their own method, and personality, that they bring
to the program. I'm proud to be a Senior Companion,
and work along some really wonderful people.

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