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By Thomas F. O'Neill

I love to teach my students about the thanksgiving season in America. The world can learn a great deal about the value of being thankful for what we have in life and the special people in our lives.

I conduct a lesson every school year about the history of thanksgiving and its meaning and importance for us Americans. I like to explain to my students that being thankful is a powerful affirmation; it brings more of what we want into our life. When we are grateful for the things we have, we will attract more goodness into our lives and those around us.

I have plenty to be thankful for because, throughout my life, people have gone out of their way to be kind to me, and the Chinese here are no exception. In class, I once told my students that when you care for others, you are cared for, and when you love others, you are loved. This special season should reveal our love for one another through kindness because loving kindness gives this special season its true meaning.

The yuletide season also brings out the spiritual warrior within us; it can act like a mirror, reflecting the truth that the real battle invariably lies with ourselves. But it’s also a time to remain mindful and concentrate on the right actions and correct conduct.

This time of year can stream forth a period of transition toward personal growth, heralding new beginnings and new chapters in our lives. Take the time to look at how your entire life has brought you to where you are now. It is no accident that everything you need to move forward and grow is at your disposal – regardless of your current situation – all you have to do is look deep inside yourself. Find your inner light and reveal it to those around you; in doing so, the world around you will reveal its goodness and become much brighter because we all have the capacity to make the world a little more joyful.

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