Tuesday, November 1, 2022

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

Higher Self

The real you., is still in heaven. We are spirit in heaven, invisible. We come here in the flesh.

Heaven.. Free spirit, unconditional love, part of the universe. No limits.

Earth. You can be a free spirit, you could practice unconditional love, you could be part of the universe. Have limits, but one can explore, and enjoy no limits.. Thru meditation etc. Uncontrolling our minds so to speak.

When we see an actor on tv, and we know they have passed over, the movie they are in makes them still seem alive. If we didn't know they passed over, we would believe they were alive.

Our higher self is pure energy.

We can uses "pieces" of ourselves to come here, and be other places too at the same time.

Since I am spirit, volunteering to come here...why?

That is next chapter, and since we are aware we exist in spirit, then we can help ourselves in so many good ways.

Sometimes we say a guide or an angel helped us out.

It could be our higher self as well.

We do have help for each one of us.

Enjoy the process, it is amazing.

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