Tuesday, November 1, 2022

My Experiences with the Spirit World

By Julie Anne Carey

My maternal grandfather died when I was six. I knew what death was, but every time I went to Nana’s house I felt that he was still there. Without telling anyone, I would search in every room, behind every door, under every bed, in every wardrobe, and even the pantry. Each time I was frustrated that I could not find Gramps. Twenty years later, while living in Nana’s house, I saw Gramps. He looked exactly the same as I remembered him, thick brown hair, braces, and shirt sleeves rolled up. I got a fright & called to my husband. Gramps disappeared in a silver flash.

When I was a young child my mother would tell me that she often saw her father standing at the end of her bed, or beside the bed. I thought “Isn’t that nice that Gramps is still looking after Mum”. I grew up comfortable with Spirit.

The first ghost I ever saw was three years earlier. I was up late doing the ironing in the cool of the evening in the sub-tropical climate. I went to bed but soon after heard noises like someone bumping the wrought iron railing on the front stairs. I got up and looked out the window, no one there. I checked every window & door & all were locked. I went back to bed. Again I heard noises. I got up again & checked, but no one was there. I lay in bed, on my back. Next thing I saw a figure standing in my bedroom doorway, in a yellow T-shirt, blue jeans, and shoulder-length brown hair. I could not discern a face. I lay motionless. Then he turned with his back against the built-in bar. He was smoking a cigarette. Then he walked towards the centre of the lounge room, and disappeared!

The ghost was my partner’s mate Mike, who had been killed in a car accident when a drunk driver rammed the back of the car in which Mike was asleep on the back seat. He was thrown out onto a rocky embankment & died as a result of his injuries. Mike stayed with me for some time. I would be sitting on the lounge chair & a cold breath would hit my leg. The dog would be sitting on the floor, with her bone nearby. The bone would skitter across the floor without the dog touching it. There was an old fly screen in the kitchen of this old rental house. I would come home from work & the screen would be fixed!

As soon as I put my key in the front door I knew if Mike was there or not. He would play tricks on me, like turning the bar fridge off. I think he was trying to tell me something. I knew if Mike was with me when I went to visit his brother & sister-in-law. Sadly I couldn’t tell them about Mike, as they didn’t believe in spiritual things.

The morning after my mother died, I flew interstate to where she had died. I was waiting outside the airport for my friend who was running late. There was no one else around. Clear as a bell, my mother said “Hello Julie Anne”. This was just 16 hours after her death.

One day I was sitting up in bed. There was a wriggling on the end of the bed. I thought “that’s heavier than a cat”. I said “Is that you Minnie ?” My darling departed dog Minnie to me was the best dog anyone could ever have had. She gave methought transference “Wonder Dog”. Neighbour’s kids had nicknamed Minnie “Minnie the Wonder Dog” She obviously loved that nickname. The feeling of unconditional love that Minnie sent to me was so overwhelming that I felt sure I would suffocate. I had to swallow again & again in order to survive.

In 2010 I met up in Spirit with my first love. We were standing & talking & hugging. He too sent me unconditional love. Thankfully due to my previous experience with Minnie, I knew exactly what it was. This was so satisfying, as we didn’t end up spending our lives together in this incarnation. We came to an understanding that we will be together in our next incarnation.

Spirit animal visits have become a delightful part of my life. I had my appendix removed at age 39. I saw my departed cat Lisa on the end of my hospital bed. This was very comforting to me. It proves that the love between a human & an animal lives on after death.

My cat Lisa had an inoperable tumour in the spinal cord & she was under 4 years old. She was crippled. I rang the Vet & arranged for Lisa to go to Heaven after a weekend of little urination. Lisa gave me thought transference when I returned to the bedroom. She said, “I understand what’s going on”. I said, “I know you do sweetheart”. Several days later it was Show Day holiday. I woke, but lay on the bed with my eyes closed. Lisa jumped up on the bed, saying “Hello, how are you ?” She walked diagonally across the bed & up beside my shoulder. I was able to put my arm over & ruffle her hair, and then she was gone.

Minnie has come through with my Dad in clairvoyant readings done by a friend. My Dad has many of my animals with him. This is so reassuring that my animals are waiting in Heaven for me. Often I feel cat paws walking on my pillow when my cat is not in the room. This brings a smile to my face & my heart.

I had a grey feral cat I called Ming. She was a sweetie, but was forever urinating on everything in the house. Sadly she had to go to Heaven. Soon after I saw her and she said, “Hi, it’s me.” She was letting me know she was okay.

My deceased older brother Justin has lived with me, looking after my cats. At one stage I had 6 cats, so he had his hands full. One morning before leaving for work cat Mariah (boy), got out & I couldn’t get him back in. I went to work & prayed that he would be safe, as he was basically an indoor cat. Driving home the clouds were ominous, threatening a hail storm. I opened the front door & there inside with the other five cats was Mariah. I rang a friend who had a key & often mowed the grass for me. He had not been around. My Spirit brother had brought Mariah inside.

One night there was a knock on my bedroom door. I had a boarder for just a few weeks, but it wasn’t him standing there in the dark, holding my black cat Makita. He handed me the cat, I said thanks, and closed the door. The odd thing was that Makita would not ever tolerate being picked up by anyone, even me. My brother Justin had handed me Makita.

My Dad who is in Heaven often visits me. He knocks things on the floor in the kitchen. That is a sure way to alert me that he is with me. Dad went to Heaven in March 1994. He hasn’t yet spoken to me. My clairvoyant friend said he is trying. I told Dad he needs to try harder, as it has been gone for 28.5 years for goodness sake.

When being attuned for Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 I experienced myself as a Tibetan monk. I was wearing saffron robes & leather sandals. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks. I also saw myself as a Peruvian woman & got the year as well. The first picture I ever saw with my mind's eye was a white llama being hand fed by my partner’s sister. Proof of this lifetime together came through Peruvian music. The sister had a record that I loved, so had it copied onto a cassette. This was in the days before mobile phones. Whenever I wanted my partner to ring me, I would play the cassette. Within 20 minutes, he would ring.

Another time my partner was loading furniture into his trailer to bring over to me. I could hear the sounds he was making with the furniture. His brother-in-law was in surgery for throat cancer. I was home in my bed, worried about him, then found myself in the operating theatre, listening to the conversation of the surgeons, while still being aware of being in my home. One time I sent my partner spiritual healing. He was in bed, opened his eyes & saw a Misty spirit woman in white hovering over him, like an Angel.

At age 14 I was to be leaving on a trip with 2 teachers & girls from my class. The night before departure I dreamed what everyone was wearing, what was said, and the person who would sit next to me. It was exact to what happened the morning of departure. We always wore a school uniform & came from many different suburbs, so were not familiar with each other’s casual clothes.

I look forward to many more wonderful spiritual experiences in the future.

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