Tuesday, November 1, 2022

My Awakening


By Daniel Kangas

I walked through the darkness without seeing any light.
A darkness so cold that I shivered with fright.
Wandering along a twisted path of greed,
not even knowing I had planted a seed.
My path wandered on seeming without an end.
I had no goals to reach and no love to send.
Then somehow the little seed took sprout,
And hard as I tried I couldn't pull it out.
The minute I touched this small soul-grown seed,
It sparked with life and grew like a weed!
I saw the light this plant had brought,
And I realized that it was something I had been taught.
It was the tree of knowledge growing in my mind,
I remember at once how I could be kind.
I turned and looked down my dark winding trail,
Realizing I had learned from my darkness,
The darkness changed to a lighter pale.
I looked ahead down my slightly brighter street,
And saw it pass other roads of people I would meet.
I would learn a little from each person I met,
Each intersection,
A person I could not forget.
Then the light began to shine from my still growing tree,
And I had the realization that the light was guiding me.
It had been with me all along in the dark!
but until I needed it,
It was only the seed,
From which came the

©2002 Dan Kangas

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