Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Don't Talk Down To Me

 By Bud Lemire

Don't talk down to me
You don't know everything, you see
You think you're better than everyone
You're really not, when the day is done

So I can't spell, my grammar needs work
Step down from your soap box, you jerk
If you were smart, you'd certainly know
To not correct everyone, wherever you go

It's a good way, to get friends mad at you
They're friends, it's something you shouldn't do
I know, you feel you are doing something right
Leading them, into a more knowledgeable light

Maybe their light, shines elsewhere
A place unknown, and it's there
They may shine, at something else they do
It may be something, that you never knew

So hold yourself back
Please don't attack
There are things you can not see
So, please, don't talk down to me

©Jan 5, 2023 Bud Lemire

                    Author Note:

because of their grammar or spelling or
something else. Maybe there is another
reason for why they spelled it that way.
Whatever the case, trying to correct them
only makes them feel more animosity towards
you. Let it go! Be a better person, and ignore.

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