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Woo Woo


By Pauline Evanosky

Money, Money, Money

Here is something I might not have talked about much. It is a technique you can use to acquire material things. You think, “I want a pair of shoes.” This is not an ordinary pair of shoes that you can get pretty much anywhere. No, these are special shoes. Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that these shoes cost $500. You have never purchased a pair of shoes that cost that much. Your entire clothes budget for a year doesn’t even reach $500. Why I ask you, are you set on buying a $500 pair of shoes?

It doesn’t matter what I think, and it doesn’t matter why you want such an expensive pair of shoes. What I think just does not matter here. It matters what you think. You want them. Get them. You say you don’t have $500 lying around for a pair of shoes?

Okay, then you will save for them. Like everybody else does who wants a $500 pair of shoes. Except there is a trick here that you might not have tried before.

There is something called the Laws of Manifestation. I haven’t delved all that much into this lately, being as how I pretty much have everything I need. But there was a time when I coveted high-priced things. Actually, now that I think about it, I could do with a new $1,700 four-harness weaving loom. I think that would be nice to have. I could do with a cleaning lady coming to my house every couple of weeks. Right now? I can’t afford that. Now that I think about it, I’d like a podcast and video setup for my home study. So, I suppose I could concentrate on those things and then get back to you in six months to see how I’ve done.

What you want to do is operate from a place of abundance and not scarcity. We get hit every day with advertising that plucks away at our sense of neediness and scarcity. What? You aren’t wearing the latest whatever? For shame. You need to buy this jumpsuit or whatever it is to be as good-looking, as healthy or as successful as the model is. Advertising can sometimes feel insidious. Why not turn it to your own advantage?

Here’s what you do. You picture, in your mind’s eye, you wearing these shoes. You picture yourself walking into a museum wearing them. You picture yourself at some fancy restaurant wearing them. You feel elegant wearing these shoes. Your feet feel like you are walking on a cloud these shoes are so comfortable. There is a reason why many car commercials do not have people sitting in the driver’s seat. It’s so you can imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel of that particular model of car.

You print out a picture of these shoes and put it where you will be seeing it often during the course of the day. You put a picture in your office cubicle. You put one of the pictures beside your bed and look at it every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up. What you are doing is raising your vibrations in regard to this very expensive pair of shoes. You are also doing what advertisements do. You are exposing yourself to multiple instances during the course of each day where you have this pair of shoes in your awareness.

What starts next is you might start seeing people wearing these shoes. Folks on the sidewalk or in the grocery stores. You see these shoes on the feet of movie stars and famous singers. The same thing happens when you buy a new car. Suddenly you start seeing everybody and their uncle driving the same make and model, even the same color of car as the one you just bought. You are really tuned into this new car you bought. You start seeing it everywhere.

With the shoes that you want, you even go to the store and try on a pair. You walk around the shoe store wearing this pair of shoes you would give your eyeteeth to own. You know what it feels like to wear these shoes. Take them for a test drive around the shoe store.

Then, you relax. You let go of all this wanting and desiring. You just relax about it and let it all go.

You’ve put your cosmic order in. Now, let the magic begin.

What will happen next is that you will become aware of opportunities everywhere that will support your desire to own a pair of these fabulous shoes. The first thing that occurs to you is that you need to start building up a fund to buy these shoes. How? Out of every paycheck, you set aside $10 in an envelope. Record the date and the amount of money you put into the envelope. Keep a running total on the envelope.

The next time you get paid, put another $10 in the envelope. Do this for a couple of months. Do you miss that $10 every paycheck? Nope. So, start putting $15 into the envelope. Do this every time you get paid. Don’t forget. Do this $15 contribution to the shoe fund for another couple of months. By now, you’ve got $100 in that envelope. You are not missing the money, and you are saving up for the shoes you want. No money comes out of the envelope. It only goes in.

One of the things we did at one of my husband’s jobs, where he had direct deposit, was to split the paycheck up. We funneled part into a savings account, and the rest went into our household checking account. Over the years, we found that nest egg in the savings account very helpful.

While saving up for your shoes, go back to the shoe store and try the shoes on again. Ask the folks in the store if they have any part-time work available. You can come in on the weekends and in the evenings. It’s not a permanent thing. You’re just going to get a side gig to earn money for your shoes. You think of them as yours now. Right? Who knows, you might even get a discount on purchases from the store.

It’s like magic. Within a couple more months, you’ve probably gotten enough money to pay for these shoes. Also, you are working like a fiend, but you’re also getting used to it. It’s not for the rest of your life. People can get accustomed to working long hours. I have. My husband has. I know you will too.

Who knows? You might like working in the shoe store and staying there long enough to start getting promoted. Plus, you can accumulate a remarkable collection of shoes.

What if it isn’t shoes that you want?

I wanted a piano. I picked out the piano I wanted. It was a Roland electric piano. I didn’t know how to play the piano. I just wanted one. I read a book called, “Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I told my husband I wanted to buy the book. He turned around and plucked it off the bookshelf behind us, and handed it to me. How fortuitous was that? He had purchased the book a few years back, started reading it, and then decided it was too Woo Woo for his tastes. There it sat until I was ready to read it.

So, I practiced the exercises. We did not have the $1,000 the piano cost at that time. I thought about this piano all the time. I wanted it. Six months later, my husband was driving through Oakland and saw a sales sign at the Sherman Clay piano store. He went in and purchased a used student’s piano for me.

This stuff works.

Interestingly, the folks who wrote, “Creating Money” also wrote the book I used when I learned to channel. It is called, “Opening to Channel”.

Abraham Hix is a spirit guide who talks about the laws of manifestation. His channel is Ester Hicks. She and her husband gave Abraham their last name as an inside joke. It would be like me calling my guide Seth Evanosky. If you look on the internet Ester and her husband Jerry published a boatload of books. There are tons of YouTube recordings out there. I have a couple of friends who adore Abraham and Ester. Jerry is no longer in the picture, as he passed a few years ago.

My experience with wanting things up until I read, “Creating Money” was with the wanting end of things. There was much-undirected frustration and a whole lot of angst involved that never went anywhere. I believe now I had toxic ideas about money itself. There was never a hint of happiness or peace and calm involved. It was like this never-ending tension that was both toxic and unnerving. So, the correct way to do this was to do the wanting part of it for a while and then let go. Letting go was the magic part of the equation.

This manifestation of material goods was something I learned about as I was first learning about the Woo Woo side of life. It might help to pay for that new car or vacation you’d like to take.

This experiment of manifesting might even convince you that you have easy access to your own Woo Woo side of life. Thanks for reading. Keep safe. Honor yourself and others.


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