Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Editor's Corner

By Mary E. Adair

March 2023

"It was one of those March days
when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light,
and winter in the shade."

– Charles Dickens

March has numerous dates that are personally either celebratory or tearful reminders, a similar up vs down score of instances much in accord with our opening quote. One steeps oneself in hot teas, cocoas, coffees, or other beverages while huddling in a warm afghan in the attempt to achieve the cosiness one craves, but stay alert! One moment March offers hugs and tenderly sweet reminisences, the next instant the pesky wind or damaging dust storm blows all the patio furniture and delicate flower urns across the yard.

Remaining as calm and trusting as possible that calamities can be quickly resolved, even when the absence of an efficient well-versed in all the rescue skills, dashing, dare one say, hero, apparently took a wrong turn. Perhaps lured by daffodils or Bluebonnets on his way, or has confused himself onto the absolutely never-to-help-here pathway. Therefore one must distract oneself and literature is an excellent solution, and voila! here we are just delighted to show you the treasures in this March, so be it, issue.

Danielle Cote Serar's "A Mother's Lessons" brings a part of her life to us, sharing both sad memories and precious new occasions with her youngsters. In her column "On Trek," Judith Kroll speaks about "Time."

"Introspective" by Thomas O'Neill, whisks you into his tale of "The Sage of Millville." Mattie Lennon's "Irish Eyes" suggests "Recommended Reading and Listening for Saint Patrick's Day," following through with intriguing suggestions.

In "Woo Woo," Pauline Evanosky enthusiastically gives tips about successful manifestation. Marilyn Carnell discusses living in Minnesota in her column "Sifoddling Along," and how it is grdually winning her over.

Roderich Cohenour's column is hosting an "Encore: Cookin' With Leo" featuring Helmer's recipe for making Irish Whiskey at home just in time for celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. You can count on a dose of his famous humor and tall tales as well Melinda Cohenour is "hosting" a severe inflamation, not Covid she assures, but she is weak from the effects and still concerned for Rod's health. She did some articles for our eZine before becoming a columnist and is including one of those in her "Armchair Genealogy" column to facilitate those who need to access previous information from her various areas of research. Click her byline and the vault shall open.

We are pleased to have the noted author John McGraft share one of his lyric poems "Two Bridgets." Check his bio and here is a link to a column where Mattie Lennon has more info on McGraft's literary career: After Closing and other works by McGraft

Marilyn Carnell's poem is a "Tribute to My Uncle Abe," and the poem "Willingly Granted" is by yours truly. Bud Lemire presents his three poems: "Shedding My Body," "Living in A Covid World," and "Don't Talk Back To Me."

"Cedar Waxwings" and "Sometimes The Moon" both by John I. Blair lend a more lighthearted aspect. "Raindrops and Rivers" is one of Carrie E. Joslin's charming compositions, so visual, you feel you are part of the action. Walt Perryman's three are "Do You Worry," "Horses and Life," and "Fireball."

Walt Perryman is also the author of the continuing tale that reveals the compositions titled "Honey Dog Tales." The March issue wraps up the series with Chapter Seven. 

The artcle "Noralee's Story" by yours truly is a remembrance of my sister born 19 months after me, making her the second of four girls, no brothers for us. She was a person who won friends easily and was not one to put on airs. She could put you in your place as she was a Sagitarian with bluntness a trait. She pointed out what one wished not to face, then advised how to make it more plausible. She is missed. 

We continue to thank our co-founder and webmaster, Mike Craner, whose knowlege and expertise keeps Pencil Stubs Online actually online. He does it well as we are now in our 26th year. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Susie and Mike!

Look for us in April 2023.

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