Wednesday, March 1, 2023

On Trek


What time is mine?

I lose it all the time.

Every day I give my time away,

Someone calls on the phone, I give them my time.

With the job, the boss gets it all, for pay.

My pets get a ton, the house, the yard, it never ends.

I want some time for ME, so I have to take it.

I have to steal it from something else and make it mine.

It is there for the taking, and giving, and sharing,

You can’t lose it, you can waste it so to speak.

Now imagine living where there is no time.

Does that mean it's all mine?


We give it we share it, and we keep some for us.

Time IS all ours in the end, as humans we choose to divide it.

As pure energy spirits, where there is no time,

Imagine, just imagine!!

Judith 2/18/23

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