Monday, December 2, 2013

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones 

Another Year Gone By… 2014 Is On Its Way…

2013 has come and will be almost gone within 31 days. How has the year measured personally for you? Has it been the year you had hoped for? Did you reach your dreams or goals or did you generate new goals for yourself?

There is an angel card in the Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Deck that is called Life Review. I always find it interesting to take a life review at the end of each year. Asking the questions that were written above are good ones to think about. It helps you to see where you have gone and where you are headed for the next year.

The angels say that when we look back, on the years events, try not to look on those events as whether they were a good experience or a bad experience. They suggest to look at the event as to the amount of growth occurring in each event. Looking more deeply, with this question in mind, can help you to see what the growth was, for you, during the year.

For me, this year has been a year of interesting events, some which I will never forget. I have found over this year, that my angels and higher power have truly helped me to see exactly what I needed to learn and to experience. The one thing that I learned the most, is that if there is something I want to accomplish, all I have to do is imagine it to truly happen for me. I may not understand how it’s going to all play out, in the end, the main thing is to take the tiny steps of moving toward that goal I have for myself. Once the intention is put out there, the universe and all is there, to help me to make my dream become a big possibility for myself. We are truly co-creators for what we want to happen in our own lives. As we look back we can notice who were the people we met throughout our day, during this past year, helping us to help our dream, become more clear. The angels and all in our universe, ask us to notice the other signs, that let us know the universe is with us, on our path. Noticing the synchronicities that happen daily, and the ideas that we may have that will be validated by the different signs of the angels and guides throughout day.. Something we may hear or see, in listening to music or something we have just read in a book or magazine that may help us on our path.

With these tiny steps, that we take in helping to achieve our goals, we find that it does come together, in many different ways. We also find out if our idea, or goal, was something that was worth in pursuing too. Evaluation is important, as we are walking our path, or striving for our dreams. We certainly want to be sure the dream or goal is truly valid and something that is truly in our favor, for it to turn into worthwhile goal. Many times our goal doesn’t materialize for us in the manner or in the time period, we would like it to happen. Sometimes there are more important things we need to get out of the way, for it to truly be a part of our life. Another way of saying this is to understand that all that happens on the earth plane is not of our own earthly timing, it is of the universe timing or Divine timing.

The angels asked me to share this message for you from several of the Archangels.
”The years come, the years go. Each year is a year of new experiences and knowing that all will make sense, as the years, go by. Also, to understand that we all have different lessons to experience, and to know that each experience, is like a separate piece to the puzzle of what we call life. To know that the lessons we are learning are lessons that were decided before our birth. They can go either way, with the intention of what is best for our soul, or the worst for our soul. This is because of our free will that was given to all of us, when we came into this world. The paths that we walk are based on so much, and when we understand our path, we can usually make the choices necessary for our soul’s experience. It’s not that we don’t know what our path is during our lifetime; it’s usually that we are remembering what we are here for. And when we come together and share ourselves, we do begin to remember what our true path is, and how to live out our life in a truly blessed way. Keeping a open mind of who you all are, and that not all are alike, yet you are, in so many different ways. Accepting the differences and respecting of beliefs and values, can make life very enriching and interesting in so many ways. We ask each of you to look at the differences as a way to gain new knowledge, and to embrace the sameness of who all are too.”

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Wishing you all a blessed holiday season in the way you celebrate this time of the year. 
Happy New Year to all.

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