Monday, December 2, 2013

On Trek

I have come to the conclusion, after all is said and done, 
that we should always be grateful.
I am grateful for life, for health, family and friends. Here is a cute story.

When my children were little they would pray in the cutest manner. They would say,” thank you God for mommy and daddy, and for my brothers and sisters,(naming them) and my dog and my cat, and my cousins,(naming each one of them), and on and on, and they always ended with something like...and thank you for McDonalds”.

I smile every time I think of it. We have three beautiful children and each one said a prayer. It took a while, but it was a bonding, and it was well spent time listening to the hearts of our children. So when I now pray, I am always thankful or grateful and insert details of the day in my communications with Universe.

We can be grateful for the rain when we need it, or the sun. What about the trees, and the animals that need the trees. We don't have to say these things every time we pray, but we can feel in our hearts the goodness which surrounds us. What would the world be like without sound, or color, or taste, or the feelings of wind, rain and sun upon our faces and the sunrises and sunsets to name but a few delicious moments of our life.

We can always be working toward looking for the good in others and the good in the world around us. We want love and goodness and gentleness to permeate the whole earth, and since we do not know everyone, we must generalize by saying people. Or perhaps we should say our brothers and sisters? That is what we can be grateful for, all the people in the world on their path, sharing the goodness of life.

Enjoy the coming Holidays, the time spent with those we love, and live each day to the fullest from this moment on.

©2013 Judith Kroll, aka, Featherwind

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