Monday, December 2, 2013


By Riva Joi Smith
Some times in my life the Angels have whispered,
"let's briefly recap."
Perhaps something is not clear to you,
a page is torn from that chapter of your book.
One's glasses fogged up at the last minute.

I was talking with a new friend of mine,
about seeing something written in a dream.
We both agreed, reading those things seemed very
difficult and had to be read quickly.

Neither of us knew the reason, but we both said
it was never accomplished the way
we both wished to understand it!

The Angels get that about us.
They want us to get it.
It helps with learning lessons and getting rewards.

There are times in life, we just need to stop and briefly
recap the fuzzy parts or the mysterious parts before
we set out on the adventure of life again.

They are always waiting to help us clarify

©2012 Riva Joi Smith

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