Monday, December 2, 2013

Your Inner Self

By Bud Lemire
Your inner voice
Will lay your choice
As you go on your way
Each and every day
So, where you go
Always know
Your inner voice
For every choice
The Inner strength within you
Will always guide you throughout
To where you wish to be
Your spirit flowing free
Vanished doubts, courage found
The feel of love is all around

The inner vision is well in sight
Seeing in darkness with inner light
To see beyond the ordinary things
Letting your journey take off on wings
Pass around obstacles that come into your life
Let everyday worries disappear with the strife

Your inner self will show you the way
To guide and protect you every day
To hear, to see, and feel all that is there
So your ability to sense, will be well aware
Look on the inside, to learn and to grow
Then, and only then, you can let your love flow

©2002 Bud Lemire
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