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As she drove through the canyon her thoughts wandered. Could he be the one? Her heart was torn between the reality of her life and her fantasies. She was in a relationship with a stable and safe man. He would take care of her for the rest of her life, if that is what she wanted. Life would be routine, but is that what she wanted. This trip would be the deciding factor. She was going to the coast where she could think and find out what her heart and mind wanted.

She arrived at the bed and breakfast around noon. She unpacked her suitcase and put everything away in its proper place. Her life was about everything in its proper place. Nothing could be out of order or in chaos.

She grabbed a sweater and headed down to the beach. A walk will do her head some good. The sun was out and the sea was showing its true passion. She was beginning to let go of her thoughts and just listen to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean. She closed her eyes to bathe in the warmth of the sun and listen to the calming sound of the ocean.

She was walking and in her heaven when she felt a bump and fell backwards. A man was sitting in the same position in wet sticky sand rubbing his shoulder.

“I'm Sorry!” she said and got up. She explained that she was not in her right mind and did not see him. He got up and introduced himself.  “Hi I’m Steven.”

He was about six foot tall. She looked into his eyes and began to feel drawn into him. He kept talking, but she didn’t hear anything. He put his hand on her shoulder and asked if she was ok. She came too and apologized again.

“Are you here on vacation or business?” he asked.

“Relaxation and alone time,” she responded.

“Would you like to walk down to the shack and get a bite to eat?”

“I would love to, but as I stated before relaxation and alone time. Thanks though.” she said as she turned to walk away.

He stood there thinking about how he could not get over her beauty. She had these deep green eyes that just made his heart race. He could not let her get away without knowing who she was. He turned to catch her, but she was gone from sight.

She had run around the corner of a rock just in case he tried to come after her. She stood there against the rock breathing hard, but not from running. She had never lost herself in anyone like that. What were these feeling she was having? She couldn't explain them.

After a few minutes she began walking again down the beach. His touch was the only thing she could think of. She tried to listen to the waves, but all she heard was his voice. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else, but all she saw were his eyes. Why did this stranger have such a hold on her?

He went back to his car and waited for her to come back. She did not. He went back to his house and started calling around to all the hotels and motels. He could not find her. No one had seen a woman that fit her description. He couldn’t stop imagining her. He had to find her and take her into him. 
There was a connection, chemistry or magic he could not explain it. He felt empty without her.

She got back to her room and took a shower. Relaxed she laid down on her bed to rest, but all she could think of was her run in on the beach. Was this a sign of what she was looking for? Her reaction to this stranger seemed to point out what she always wondered, was her life the way it was suppose to be? Should she have gone to lunch with him? Should she have explored this connection? Now she would never know. She fell asleep.

She woke up to a knock at the door. She answered it.

“Hello!’ she said in amazement.

“Hi, I thought since you haven't eaten you might want to grab a bite?” Steve replied.

She stood there thinking is she still dreaming or was he really there. Her stomach was in knots. That feeling of magic was swirled around making her dizzy. It was thick and comforting, yet exciting and new.

She began thinking, could she leave what she knows and expects to explore this feeling? Whatever this feeling was. She invited him in. His voice was hypnotic and exciting. He explained how he found her. She contemplated what she should do, something deep inside her told her to go. Be free of all expectations.

“I suppose that would be ok,” she replied.

“Great, let me arrange a few things and I will pick you up in an hour.” Steve excitedly replied.
That hour was the longest she had ever felt. It seemed to drag on forever.

There was a knock at the door. She went to it he was there with roses. It took her by surprise. She put the roses on the table in the room. He asked if she was ready. She had been ready for what seemed like an eternity. He offered his arm and she took it. She was thinking what a gentleman.

They walked down to the beach. She was wondering what or where they were going. They walked for a while when she saw a canopy with flowers around it and candles blowing in the wind. She looked over at him and smiled. As he looked down at her in that moment his heart began to race.
Inside the canopy was a table with white linens. Two chairs set close to each other. On the table was a center piece of Sterling Roses. She wondered how he knew. There were two place settings and a bottle of something was chilling. In the background she heard soft music playing. It was as if he had ripped this out of her dreams. Was this real?

They sat down and began to talk about who they were. When a waiter came to the table and brought a salad and dinner. She lifted the cover and began laughing. Her laughter was intoxicating.

“My favorite, cheese burgers and fries.”

“I figured you for a good hearty burger girl.” he replied.

She loved the simplicity of the dinner and yet the complexity of the environment. She just couldn’t accept how this was all feeling. It could not be real.

After dinner they went for a walk on the beach. The full moon lit their path. The stars were bright and amazing. She felt she could see all the way to another galaxy. The waves crashed against the cliffs creating the most amazing ambiance. This moment couldn’t be better if she wanted it to be.

He reached for her hand. She felt his touch and the tingle surged through her body. She had never felt this way before from a simple touch. They stopped at a rock and she sat down. He sat next to her. They looked into each other’s eyes. She was lost in him and did not want to leave.

He reached up to gently brush away her hair. He was amazed at how this made him feel. It was as if there was an electric current running from her to him. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him where their lips met.

She felt the heat of his mouth on hers. The air was thick and heavy, yet it felt as if she was floating. He kissed her gently.

As they kissed she felt that this was where and who she was suppose to be with. She reached around and put her arms around his body. She just wanted him to pull her into him and never let go. She had found her answer and she wanted her fantasy. He was her fantasy. This is what she had been looking for. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bank. As the passion built he could not contain his hunger for her.

As she reached up to touch his chest, there was nothing there.

She opened her eyes and she was lying on her bed at the bed and breakfast. It was not real, but a sign. A tear fell from her face.

©2013 Denise Sebastian

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